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This Beautiful Reiki Charged White Jade and Amethyst Crystal healing bracelet has an added Buddha charm, this bracelet is handmade to order especially for you, each bead will be reiki charged with love and light for the greater good and highest intention, personalised to you, if you are gifting this item please message me and I will set the reiki intention for the recipient.

I have listed the most common sizes for the bracelet but as these are handmade to order if you require another size please just message me and I can do that for you.

AMETHYST is known as one of the master crystals when it comes to spirituality, it is a powerful protection stone creating a bubble around the carrier warding off psychic attacks and negative energy. Amethyst assists in encouraging our growth towards our higher potential and spiritual expansion, it also brings a great sense of peace, insight and calmness. Amethyst has been used for many many years to help alleviate headaches, migraines and to aid sleep.

WHITE JADE is a calming, grounding stone that also protects the wearer from negative energies, it brings peace, harmony and luck. White Jade is also wonderful in the decision making process, as it blocks distractions allowing for the best results to reveal themselves.

Keeping a BUDDHA CHARM with you can provide protection against inauspicious luck such as accidents and illnesses, it can also attract auspicious luck such as extra income, success in your career and overall abundance luck.

I am a certified Reiki and Crystal Reiki Master / Teacher, I cleanse and Reiki charge all items with the highest intention before sending them to you.


Amethyst & White Jade Buddha Bracelet

  • Please note that this bracelet is made to order and will not be available to collect in store the same day - please give at least 2 working days unless you have previous contacted us regarding the bracelet.

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