Hi I'm Lindsey and I live in Leicestershire with my 3 boys, 2 hens, 2 bearded dragons and a dog!  I am a Reiki Master and a certified crystal healer. I create beautiful healing bracelets with gemstone beads, there is also a wide selection of high quality crystals on here for you to browse through. Please feel free to contact me for any custom order requests - with love and light Lindsey

I create beautiful healing bracelets with gemstone beads which are all handmade, cleansed and charged with Reiki. During the first Coronavirus lockdown at the beginning of 2020 I found myself unable to help people with the hands-on therapy that I was used to providing, so with more thinking and planning I decided that if people were not able to come to me for Reiki, chakra balancing, crystal therapy and meditation sessions then I would bring the crystals and gemstones to them! 
My Etsy store expanded from the Jewellery I was selling to include many different crystals from all around the world! All of my suppliers are trusted suppliers within the UK that have been trading for many years and they provide me with beautiful high quality stones.I look forward to helping you on your crystal journey! 

We also now have a shop in Lutterworth, Leicestershire that you can visit and browse our beautiful crystals in person. 

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